Below are some resources for those who wish to be exempted from a mandatory "COVID-19 Vaccine."

First, there is a link to download The Rutherford Institute's fact sheet entitled "Know Your Rights: How To Request A Religious Accommodation For COVID-19 Vaccine Mandates In The Workplace." This gives the legal grounds and details regarding a religious exemption for your personal "sincerely-held religious beliefs, practices and observances."

The second is a link to download the sample form letter from The Rutherford Institute.

There are also two links to documents to help. The first is my religious beliefs related to the so-called "vaccine." This is a help so you can edit it or just use it to get an idea.

Additionally is another sample letter from a pastor friend of mine. Note the buttons with yellow text contain everything you need combined into one document. The second combined document was updated to address Novavax.

There are many great resources available on this topic. Dr. Zelenko’s testimony before the Israeli Rabbinical Court is one of the most up front and earnest testimonies I have seen so far. I would encourage you to watch it in its entirety.